Waste Regulations constantly change so please ensure that whoever fills the skip is aware of the following information.  Failure to read is not a valid reason for non-compliance.


We would advise that someone is present at the time of delivery to ensure that skip is safely and correctly positioned.  However, should this not be possible, than our driver will place the skip in the most suitable and safe position available to them. Someone must be available if the skip is to be positioned on the road.


Upon instructing T J Skips Ltd to leave the highway (including the positioning and siting of our container), you accept complete liability for any damage caused whilst our vehicle is off the highway. This will include and is not exclusive too damage to driveways, manholes, manhole covers and grass.

Our skips must NOT be moved by any other vehicle or machinery other than our own.


The use of our skip is to safely contain non-hazardous waste.  You the hirer, accept full liability that only accepted waste is placed inside our skips and in such a way as to not cause harm to person or the environment and to ensure that all waste is kept within the confinements of the skip’s boundary.  Fires either inside or close to the skip is forbidden, and any subsequent damage will be charged.


It is illegal to transport unsafe and/or overloaded containers. Any waste that exceeds the boundary of the skip will not be taken and will be removed by our driver.


The following items must NOT be placed within our skips.


Animal Waste



Big Tree Trunks

Computer Monitors


Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Fire Extinguishers

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Food Waste



Liquids/Sludges (including wet concrete/floor screed)


Paint (only empty paint tins can be placed inside the skip)


Tyres (including rubber tracks)

Do NOT put wet concrete or wet floor screed inside the skip.

CARPET – due to its heavy nature, we can only accept small amounts in our skips.

GLASS – we only accept a very small amount of glass in our skips and this must NOT be mixed with other wastes.

PLASTERBOARD must be clean, bagged and kept separate. Plasterboard cannot be mixed with other waste.

HARDCORE & SOIL – we are unable to accept loads where hardcore and soil are not kept separate.  You can place hardcore, soil and other wastes in the same skip but it must be placed in a way, where it can be easily separated after collection.  For example, please place soil in first, then hardcore and then other waste on top, thus limiting any chance of soil to become mixed with other wastes.

Please speak to a member of our staff if you require any assistance with these conditions.


Skips found to contain non-accepted/hazardous waste or skips where plasterboard has been incorrectly stored will be subject to an additional charge.  The additional charge will depend on the quantity, extent of the waste and any additional haulage charge.  Please note that normally the skip will be returned to your site, where it will be your responsibility to safely remove the unaccepted item from the skip. ALL SKIPS ARE EMPTIED BY HAND SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HIDE NON-ACCEPTED WASTE AS IT WILL BE FOUND AND RETURNED


By accepting into this hire contract, you the hirer agree to pay T J Skips Ltd in full all hire costs, including all additional costs which may results from non-compliance of T J Skips Ltd Terms and Conditions of Hire. Payment must be received in full by the end of the delivery day for skips positioned off road. Payment is due at the time of booking for all skips positioned on the road.

We do not accept payment on collection


You shall hold us harmless and keep us fully indemnified against any claim, demand or penalty arising during the period of hire which could not have been made had we not agreed to provide the hire service including all third-party claims and claims arising for damages arising out of accidents related to the hire items.


Our skips cannot be moved by a third party.  Unless a specified collection date has been arranged, you must notify us immediately when the skip is filled to the acceptable level.  Otherwise the skip will be removed on the hire expire date or just after.

You can off hire the skip by clicking on one of the links at the bottom of this page.


The ownership of the waste stored inside our container only passes to T J Skips Ltd once the hire charge and any subsequent charges has been received in full.  The skip container remains the property of T J Skips Ltd and you agree to reimburse T J Skips Ltd in full if the container is removed by another party. Responsibility for prohibited items and any items over the skip’s perimeter will remain with you, the hirer irrespective of payment.  T J Skips Ltd are within their rights to remove their container(s) in its original condition if payment is being withheld for whatever reason.


You the hirer accept full liability that only accepted waste is placed inside our skips and in such a way as to not cause harm to person or the environment and to ensure that all waste is kept within the confinements of the skip’s boundary.

You agree to pay us all reasonable charges of dealing with any of the contents which do not comply with the terms of this contract. You will reimburse us for all of our costs should the hire items be damaged by vandalism or otherwise, including & not exclusive to the unauthorised removal of our property (skip container).


You agree that any compensation and/or damages payment due to you by us in respect of any claim or claims arising out of, or in connection with, T J Skips Ltd terms and conditions of the hire, and in any event, shall not be more than £1000.

Our full Terms & Conditions of Hire are available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions by clicking on one of the below links